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Frequently Asked Questions
For Users

Do you keep my pictures?

Anything you upload or create will be deleted in a few weeks. We do not claim any rights on your images.

What format do I download my photo book as?

You can download your book as a PDF file, an HTML slide show, or as a folder of images.

Can I use an external application to edit a page?

Open Photo Book allows you to download full size copies of pages (and images). You can use an external application to edit a page and then insert it back into your book.

Can other people add photos?

Yes. Give them the URL to your upload page and they will be able to add photos.

Can I customize the same photo book for different people?

Yes. You can reopen your photo book project and insert different pages to create a custom version for each person.
For Retailers

Who is Open Photo Book for?

Open Photo Book is an add-on to Online Photo Kiosk.

How do I add a cover?

We designed Open Photo Book to build the pages of a photo book. We do not provide a cover due to the wide variety of possible cover options. (e.g. hard cover, soft cover, and dust jackets). Printers can add a cover builder to suit their offering. We also have a few pre-built ones.

Version with support for a wrap around cover. Photo book with wrap around cover (beta)
Version with support for a cut out window cover. Photo book with cut out window